My Habits of Personal Devotion to Christ

Over at my other blog, “levipierpont,” I’m doing a series around the spiritual disciplines. I’ve been talking about reading, hearing, memorizing, studying, and meditating on the Word of God. Plus, I just posted an article about prayer today. In this post, I’d like to share my own habits surrounding these subjects. (If you click on the heading of each section, it will take you to the post I wrote on it.)

Hearing and Reading the Word

The main way that I listen to the Word is through Christian podcasts, but now and then I will open my app and listen to a chapter or even book while I do chores or getting ready for church.

I haven’t really been reading my Bible a lot. I guess the biggest reason for that is that I don’t have a place that I consider myself to be “in.” That is, I don’t have a book or section of the Bible that I’m trying to read, and that doesn’t help. If any of you have some suggestions of good Bible books I could begin reading, please comment! I’m thinking of doing an OT book like Joshua, Judges, or the Kings.

Memorizing the Word

Right now I am memorizing 1 John with a friend, and we have gotten the first chapter (ten verses) memorized, and we’re almost halfway through the time allotted for the second chapter. In order to memorize the passages, I’ve just been reading them over and over, then trying to say them without looking. Pretty simple. I want to improve in this area by reviewing memorized passages better. If you’re looking for a book to memorize, 1 John is great.

Studying and Meditating on the Word

Right now I’ve just been studying and meditating on the passage I’m memorizing. I’ve also enjoyed studying John 15 for the past few weeks.


Over the last year or so, Jesus has taught me to pray with various trials and circumstances. I’m still learning lots, and I hope to develop a habit of prayer, all in good time.

As you can see, I’m not a spiritual giant. But I’m growing. Jesus is leading me. I follow Him.

How are you doing with these habits? Let me know in the comments!


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